3 Major Features of ili that Helps Travelers

An instant offline translator optimized for travelers, this concept came from imaging a journey overseas.

No matter how high the accuracy of a translation device is, if you cannot use it during your travels, it is the same as being useless.

ili has 3 major features so it can become your travel companion and make your trip more enjoyable. 

Offline Translator – No Internet Connection Needed

When traveling abroad, it is very difficult to prepare the same kind of internet access locals have, which can lead to stress. Also, the connection might not be as stable, so it is crucial to have stable internet during times of emergency or trouble.

As of February 2018, ili can translate Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish without any internet connections!

During your travels, you can quickly take out ili and use it anywhere to discover something new and exciting.


You can translate without an internet connection, but if ili was heavy and difficult to use, it cannot be said that it’s optimized for travelers.

ili is lighter than an egg (46g-52g), so you can wear it around your neck with no irritation. It is even small and light enough to place it in your chest pocket. This reduces the stress of carrying around another electronic and the fear of losing something precious.

Instant Translator – 0.2 second translation speed


When you are asking a stranger a question, even a few seconds into a conversation can feel like a long time. If you say “please wait a moment!” and make them wait for more than 3 seconds, that awkward silence can feel like eternity.

To minimize this stress as much as possible, ili will convey your thoughts in as little as 0.2 seconds. It is designed so that you can express your thoughts at any moment.