Exploring the Beautiful City, Barcelona with ili translator

“Wow, what an amazing adventure!”

From the top of Park Guell

Barcelona is incredibly beautiful, and it is a positively enchanting antiquated coastal Mediterranean city. There is so much to see! Of course, there are loads of famous landmarks and architectural structures to visit, but they can all be found on a tourist’s map. It’s those locally-known places, that are tucked away amongst the city’s sprawling network of narrow medieval streets, that can make your adventure feel so unique and special.

Ciutadella Park, Barcelona

But how can you find these places if you don’t know anyone in the city or how to speak the language?

That is where the ili translator device came into play on my trip to Barcelona! 

This gadget is so handy; it is very accessible with its easily pocketable size, and you can whip it out quickly when you need it! Plus, its usage is so simplistic and quick – just press hold and speak, and almost instantaneously you’re communicating with people you wouldn’t have had the chance to talk with, and embarking on awesome new experiences. This device made it possible for someone like me, who is most certainly not fluent in Spanish lol, to find these incredible places!

My travel partner the ili wearable translator from Logbar Inc.

While in Barcelona, I of course had to visit the Sagrada Familia (an incredible need-to-see cathedral), along with other popular tourist locations like Los Torres Venecianes, El Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, the Spanish Arc de Triomf, the Barceloneta beach, and others. But I found all of those on the map given to me by my hotel.

The Barcelona Beach

Without ili, I would never have found the hidden treasures in the Parc de Ciutadella, the Green Bike rentals shop to get around the city in style, the best Sangria in town, the 20 Euro special combo meal that included 5 tapas, seafood paella, a dessert, and a glass of sangria to wash it all down, the nighttime roller blade club in the city, the old Roman walls, the local flee market, the mosaic water fountains, or any of the other neat places I visited. All these wonderful experiences became tangible for me through ili, and the kind locals of Barcelona! I cannot wait for ili to release more languages, so to unlock a world of new experiences!