I could find hidden bars in Tokyo

Q. Why were you interested in ili?

I was planning a trip to Japan 3 months ago with my boyfriend. I saw the ad and felt this could be something that can help me travel easier.

Q. What was your most memorable experience using ili?

I like to drink sake and wanted to find good restaurants where I could drink sake. Although I found some information in guidebooks and on the internet, but none of the places looked traditional. With my ili, I randomly walked up to a Japanese lady and asked her if she could recommend me any good restaurants.

Luckily, she also was a big fan of sake, and took me to a small, remote Japanese bar which would have been impossible to find on any internet search engine.

The manager was such a nice person. He welcomed us in, and served dishes that I have never heard of. They all tasted amazing, especially the sake! Without ili, I would not have had this experience.





I used ili and asked some questions to master as well. We had such a great time.

Q. What kind of phrases did you use with ili and where?

Do you know any good restaurants around here?

– On the street in Shibuya

Is this spicy?

– At sake restaurant

Can I buy this somewhere?

– At sake restaurant

What’s the name of this dish?

– At sake restaurant