ili Rescued My Lost Backpack

I was so glad that I listened to my friend and brought ili with me on my trip to Tokyo. Otherwise I would of lost my passport, my cell and my camera. 

Q. Why were you interested in ili?

I was interested in ili because my friend recommended me this product. He purchased ili for his summer vacation to Japan and he was lucky enough to get it during their first presale in May. When he came back to the U.S, he kept telling me about how awesome ili was and how it made his life easier while traveling in Japan.

Q. What was your most memorable experience using ili?

My most memorable experience using ili was when I forgot my backpack on the train. My backpack had all my valuables such as my cell, my passport and my camera. I don’t think I could of found my bag again if it wasn’t for ili. I was able to use ili to help me express my thoughts, to say what I wanted to say. I was able to tell the person at the train station that I forgot my bag.

Right away she directed me to the lost and found service counter. I used ili to tell them which station, what line, and what my backpack looked like. They made a couple of phone calls and told me to wait. After waiting about 30 mins, I finally got my backpack back.

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Q. What kind of phrases did you use with ili and where?

I forgot my backpack on the train

– Tachikawa train station

Can you please help me?

– Tachikawa train station

My bag is black.

– Tachikawa train station

How long do I have to wait?

– Tachikawa train station