ili vs. a Translation App, Which is Faster?

***Disclaimer: Chinese input ili are currently only available in China/Taiwan. 

Currently, there are many different translation tools on the market. The biggest difference between ili and other devices/apps is that ili does not require internet connection.

ili aims to be a translator that is essential for travelers by specializing in useful travel phrases. ili has been optimized so that translations can be done quickly even under the circumstances where there are no WiFi connections.

Here’s a video highlighting the differences between ili and a translation application. 

Since ili is a standalone translator, it’s designed to allow you to translate instantly. Using an app, you need to wait for the load time, connect to a network, and hope it doesn’t drain too much of your phone’s battery. 

Using ili is as quick and simple and is very convenient for your next trip where connecting to a network may be difficult.

The fastest translation 0.2 seconds!

You can use ili in any shop, on a boat, or a local restaurant.  

I preferred ili! I got tired when I had to keep taking out my cell phone and it’s tough to prepare every time.
Translation is also so fast!

Try for yourself, experience a new way of traveling abroad with ili!