Lost in Tokyo, saved by ili Translator

Best thing about ili is that I didn’t have to depend on my phone. As a foreigner in Japan, not having battery on my phone was the second most scary thing, first being the language barrier.

Q. Why were you interested in ili?

I’ve been interested in the translation device ever since I saw a video of ili on Youtube. I’ve been in love with Japanese culture since I was in high school. Every chance I get I would visit Japan and travel to different cities exploring and trying new things. I thought this translation device would be perfect for my trip since I can’t speak the language.

Courtesy of https://w00kie.com

Q. What was your most memorable experience using ili?

My most memorable moment using ili was when I got lost in Shibuya after a long day of sightseeing. It was late at night, the battery of my pocket WiFi died so I couldn’t access my internet and Google Maps. Most places with free WiFi were already closed for the day, luckily I had ili with me so I could ask the people on the streets to help me. I used my phone to show them the address of the hotel and they pinpointed the relative location on my Google Maps. If I did not have ili with me it would of been difficult to get home. Also, using Google Translate and Maps at the same time took way too much time and effort. 

Q. What kind of phrases did you use with ili and where?

Can you help me?

– On the street

Where is this hotel?

– On the street

How far is it?

– On the street

About 5 mins away?

– On the street