How the ili Team Met Nas Daily

Who is Nas Daily and how we met?

Nas Daily is one of the fastest growing on Facebook influencers and has achieved over 700 million views.

Every day, he makes 1-minute videos about the interesting people he meets throughout his travels. Over the past year, he has traveled to 60 different countries while building his platform which has gained 4.8 million followers. He chose to post on Facebook rather than YouTube simply because it felt more personal to him and those who follow.

In the Spring of 2017, we reached out to Nas. We told him the story about our CEO, Takuro Yoshida, and how he created the world’s fastest offline translator, ili. Nas was interested but due to his busy schedule, he wasn’t able to make it to Tokyo.

So we decided to put the collaboration behind us.


A few months later, Takuro was scrolling through his newsfeed and saw that Nas was heading to Tokyo. Takuro sent a few of us to go find him as he was filming in Yoyogi park, and guess what, we did! Thankfully, Nas remembered our previous conversation and made time to stop by our office.

Nas immediately took notice of Takuro’s non-stereotypical personality. He was unlike any Japanese CEO Nas had ever met. The two collaborated on a 1-minute video that soon became a huge hit on Facebook spawning over 14 million views!


I LOVE Takuro!!!!!He was born and raised in Japan. Knew only Japanese and struggled with English. So he built a device that helped him speak any language in the world! Oh, and he made $200,000 from selling flowers.TAKURO IS AMAZING!! P.S This video is 100% not sponsored, but you can check out their incredible work at Logbar ili. I can't wait to see this guy conquer the world with his attitude.LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook!@NasDaily on Instagram! Music: Waves by Joakim Karud

Posted by Nas Daily on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Nas Returns

At the beginning of 2018, Nas contacted us again and wanted to do another collaboration with us since people around the world loved Takuro’s “crazy” personality so much. The timing was perfect, as we had just opened our ili pop up store in Omotesando.

A few days later, Nas hopped on a plane to Tokyo to work on his next collaboration with us.

We took him to our office once again and for the first time, showed him what was going on at our pop up store. From the looks of things, he seemed pretty impressed.

Nas even tried our limited edition Golden ili, something we’ve been letting customers use to win prizes…

He won some delicious konyaku (Konac potato gelatin)…

And took pictures with our ili cut-out (and Takuro),

We also threw Nas in our panic box. We can’t say too much about it, since it’s secret but don’t worry, Nas made it out alive.

Nas and Takuro’s Team Up Again

Both Nas and Takuro got together and created a new video which shows Takuro’s determination to bring ili to the forefront of the travel market and his dream to be as big as Google.

Two Opposites Think Alike

Nas and Takuro may look and act much different, but they actually have a lot in common. Both are full of creativity and big visionaries. Nas has reached millions of people worldwide through inspirational videos and Takuro has reached millions worldwide as well showcasing his flagship product, ili. Also, both of them love to travel and believe that everyone should make time to see the world at least once in their life.

Seeing them work together is always fun and the rest of us even got to partake in some of the action. Hopefully, this isn’t the last.